Parking Control Management (UK) Ltd, or just ‘PCM’, are a private parking operator. We are contracted by landowners (or their agents) to implement and enforce a parking management scheme. PCM offer total parking management services to offer parking solutions for a range of parking areas. Our aim will always be to protect the rights of our clients over the land they own or manage.

The exact method of protection of landowner rights will vary according to what these rights are, what rights users of the land are granted and the physical semantics of the land.

A suitable and tailored management scheme is created for every site we cover. Upon client instruction of the rules and regulations, premium quality signage that is bespoke to the site is installed by our Signage and Scheme Implementation Team. This signage details exactly how motorists should be parking and the consequences of not doing so. Our highly experienced operatives provide frequent patrols and issue Parking Charge Notices to vehicles not parking in accordance with signage.

PCM will also supply all of the tools needed for compliance with the terms and conditions of parking – from a range of permit options to line marking, PCM provide a total management solution.

Our clients should be assured that one of our dedicated site managers will work closely with them to ensure we provide a superior service from the outset. Quality scheme implementation is something that is highly valued by PCM – we believe that for a parking management scheme to be effective, you need excellence from its inception.

For information on the services PCM offer, please visit the ‘What We Do’ page or click HERE

A Parking Charge Notice is a contractual charge issued to vehicles that park in contravention of the terms and conditions of the private land on which it was parked. The short answer of whether they’re legally enforceable is yes, very much so.

Online sleuths and ‘pseudo-lawyers’ often perpetuate the idea that charges issued by private operators are completely unenforceable. This is not accurate – these charges are issued with a basis rooted in contract law so they can be pursued through the County Courts.

A landmark case in the Supreme Court between Parking Eye Limited and Mr Barry Beavis in 2015 ruled that parking charges issued on private land are enforceable, do not constitute ‘penalties’ that cannot be recovered and the charge was “neither extravagant nor unconscionable”. The ruling also noted that parking management systems on behalf of landowners are indeed “legitimate scheme[s]”.

A copy of the ruling of the Supreme Court can be found HERE

In 2012, with the passing of the Protection of Freedoms Act, immobilisation and towing of vehicles for parking infringements was outlawed. However, Schedule 4 of this Act granted private parking operators the right to recover unpaid parking charges from the keeper of the vehicle. This eased the process of pursuing unpaid Parking Charge Notices.

PCM adopt an approach of active litigation – we pursue legal action wherever necessary to ensure debt is settled and the credibility of the enforcement scheme as a whole is reinforced.

Where a County Court Judgment is obtained and remains unsettled, we have a working relationship with High Court Enforcement Agents Direct Collection Bailiffs Ltd (‘DCBL’, as seen on Channel 5’s ‘Can’t Pay? We’ll Take It Away!’) who can take further action to recover the debt.

Despite public opinion, the private parking industry is heavily regulated. All operators must be a member of a Trade Association and adhere to a Code of Practice. Very recent developments in Parliament will also see a unified single Code of Practice for the private parking industry, endorsed by the government.

Aside from Trade Associations, the DVLA imposes strict obligations on parking companies to be able to request keeper details. Companies party to DVLA data are also subject to regular audits and inspections. These impositions ensure that parking operators, like PCM, operate legitimately and lawfully.

Parking Control Management (UK) Ltd have several accreditations and memberships to give our clients and the public assurance that fair and lawful practice is at the heart of our operation:

  • Accredited Operator with the International Parking Community (IPC)
  • Alcumus SafeContractor
  • Member of Disabled Motoring UK
  • Registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO)

We also have internal compliance practices to ensure PCM always meet relevant legislation, guidelines and industry standards.