At Parking Control Management (UK) Ltd, we pride ourselves on being the market leader for supplying residential car park management and enforcement services throughout the UK. Over their decades of experience, our team have dealt with all types of residential parking areas and will be able to provide informed specialist advice on how best to implement a parking management scheme and combat the parking problems faced.

We understand that resident car parks come in all shapes and sizes – a dedicated site manager will oversee the set-up and work alongside you to build the most suitable parking scheme. Tailored parking proposals will be provided where appropriate and upon agreement, the scheme will be implemented to agreed timescales.

Parking is at a premium in most modern developments, with long term parking issues not only caused by external fly-parking, but often caused by residents and their visitors. Therefore, it is important to balance protecting the rights of residents with the restriction of abuse of these rights. With our vast experience in the residential sector, our clients can be assured that their parking areas will be managed by a professional specialist. We know what works and we know how to provide the solutions that our clients need.

A suitable and completely bespoke management system is created for every site we cover – this means that premium quality signage is tailored to the scheme and can consider all of the quirks and intricacies of the parking area.

On all new residential schemes, our experienced Signage and Scheme Implementation Team hand-deliver correspondence to relevant properties. This hand-delivery is recorded with body cameras and retained to ensure full delivery compliance.

Parking control management (uk) Ltd strive to be at the forefront of parking innovation. Our aim will always be to provide our clients with bespoke residential and visitor parking solutions to their specific site needs

Parking problems can be tackled in a number of ways and our clients should be assured that there is a parking product for every car park.

Our high-quality printed permits for residents/visitors can be used on a transferable or permanent basis. The versatility of this product ensures we can cater for first-come-first-served parking, allocated parking and visitor parking. For limited visitor parking, single-use scratch cards provide an effective answer – they allow for temporary parking periods and balance the fair use of visitor spaces.

Other visitor parking options include a Pay By Phone process, which once implemented, can allow a valuable revenue stream that can be reinvested on the development to the benefit of all.

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