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Permit Management

Parking Control Management (UK) Ltd have a dedicated permit management team who are highly professional and experienced in dealing with all permit enquiries, requests and on-going permit and client management issues.

This is the first point of contact for many residents and clients, so it is imperative that they receive an engaging and informed service. In addition to permit requests, our Permit Team are able to answer general parking queries and provide information on site specifics.

Scheme Implementation

As well as providing an outstanding service for incoming queries, our Permit Team deal with new site implementation and management of existing sites, working alongside the Signage and Scheme Implementation Team to provide a smooth set-up operation. This includes the hand-delivery of many mass re-issue schemes and permits for all new sites. Permit delivery is actively recorded and retained in order to provide a complete audit trail and ensure that residents always receive their permits.

The solution to visitor parking

In addition to permits, we offer visitor scratch cards on many of our sites to balance the need for visitor parking and fair accessibility to this parking. These typically allow for 24-hour maximum stay parking and are restricted to an allocation determined by a formula – this means that it is tailored to each site.

Contact us

We aim to process all new permit requests and dispatch within 24 hours and all mail is sent by first class post. Visitor scratch cards are subject to a £2 post & packaging charge, as these are sent by recorded delivery.

If you have an enquiry relating to permits or scratch cards, please contact the Permit Team on 01753 512 603 (option 3).

Alternatively, please email

The Permit Team is available Monday to Friday between 9:00am and 5:00pm.

NB. Parking rights vary according to a number of factors, and the amount of permits you may be eligible for will depend on planning conditions and prior agreements.

Data Protection Statement
Protection of sensitive data is important to Parking Control Management (UK) Ltd and we take every step possible to protect your data and comply with current legislation. All applications are retained for verification processes – verification of documents may take up to one week and after this time, applications are erased. Transaction receipts from the purchasing of permits are retained for up to two years and actual transaction details are not held longer than 24- hours. By applying for and purchasing a permit, you agree that your details may be stored and processed for the aforementioned timeframes. The data is used only for purposes relating to the permit application and is not shared with any third parties.  


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