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Throughout the UK most developments are now becoming disabled friendly whether it is at retail centres or residential schemes. At PCM we try and maintain that image by protecting the designated parking for valid Blue Badge holders.

The abuse of Disabled parking bays is a growing problem, causing inconvenience and distress to those affected. There are nearly 8.5 million people with disabilities in this country and driving a car provides the means for disabled people to access goods and services and being able to park in accessible, wide parking bays are vital parts of this accessibility. In south London alone it been stated that at least a third of blue badges issued are being misused on a daily basis. Parking Control Management is committed to eradicating this inherent & increasing abuse of disabled bays by monitoring them on a 24/7 basis.

All PCM’s enforcement is in accordance with the Independent parking Committee's code of conduct. This also includes training and developing our staff's knowledge to ensure that we consistently meet these standards. We also work closely in conjunction with the Disabled Motoring UK organisation’s policies.

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